The Cape Romain is our main vessel.  A 95 foot ex-U.S. Coast Guard Cape-Class Cutter, the Cape Romain was built in 1955 and originally christened with only the hull number "WPB 95319".  In 1964 all the Cape-Class Cutters were given names, and WPB 95319 became the Cape Romain.  There were three different types of 95 footers, differentiated by the armament and other equipment they were originally fitted with.  The Cape Romain was a Type B vessel, which meant that along with the collection of anti-submarine weapons found on a Type A vessel, the Cape Romain was also fitted with extra equipment, such as a large searchlight and tow bitt, to make it a better search and rescue vessel.  The Cape Romain spent its entire Coast Guard career working in search and rescue and law enforcement. 

From 1955 to 1962 she was stationed at Point Loma, Ca.  In 1963 she was repositioned to Ketchikan, AK where she spent the next twenty three years.  She was then transferred again and spent her last four years in the Coast Guard stationed right here in San Francisco.  On August 11th, 1989 the Cape Romain was decommissioned from the Coast Guard, but her career was not over yet.  Officially on that same day, she was transferred to the U.S. Navy, where she was converted to serve as the Navy pilot boat for the San Francisco Bay.  She was called Vanguard during her tour as the Navy pilot boat, and remained Vanguard after being donated to Sea Scout Ship 17 in San Mateo.  Since we have had the boat, we have returned to calling her Cape Romain and she continues to provide us with a safe and fun home on the water.