What is Sea Scouts?

Who can participate?

What do we do?

Who runs our program?

What does our crew learn?

Sea Scouts was founded in America in 1912.  The program combines assets from the United States Coast Guard, Navy, and Merchant Marine.  Sea Scouts is organized to promote better citizenship and to improve members’ boating skills and knowledge through instruction and practice in water safety, boating skills, outdoor, social, and service experiences, and knowledge of our maritime heritage.  For more information on Sea Scouts in general check out www.seascout.org

Our program is full of exciting activities and opportunities.  One of our most enjoyable is our two week summer cruises during which we work on advancement, relax, waterski, swim, and hang out with other crews.  Some of our most important events are the regattas.  Each year we compete in four regattas against crews from across the state and nation.  We work very hard preparing for these events that test a wide array of our nautical knowledge and skills.  Another of our favorite events is the annual Safety At Sea.  This event is put on by the United States Coast Guard specifically for the Sea Scouts.  We learn about nautical safety including the proper use of flares, fire fighting tools, and damage control equipment, check out a video of it.  Each year we also attend Fleet Week to watch the Blue Angels, as well as frequently taking cruises on the bay and to Angel Island.  Every Christmas season, we have our annual fundraiser, the Sea Scout tree lot in Palo Alto to raise money to subsidize fuel and maintenance costs to keep our program affordable to anyone who is interested.


Though Sea Scouts is a co-ed program, the Intrepid is an all male crew, if you are female and interested in Sea Scouts, check out the MSS Tradewind. Our program is open to all young men ages 10-21.  If you’re interested in joining feel free to contact us with any questions!

Our crew teaches a wide variety of skills.  We teach nautical skills such as knots, water safety, piloting and compass skills, radio communications, first aid, and even driving and maintaining our 95 foot ex-US Coast Guard Cutter, the Cape Romain.  More importantly however, we teach skills that will help throughout the rest of life.  Through our youth led program, we teach leadership, discipline, communication, and delegation.  By putting the youth in charge they are allowed to learn what works to control a group of their own peers, as well as how to rely on each other in situations where they can not reach their goals  on their own.

Our program is primarily youth led.  This means that all decisions as to the overall running of the program are decided by the youth members.  We feel that though this allows for the possibility for failure, without

that risk, there is much less possibility for our youth to learn to become great leaders.  That being said, we don’t throw our youth leaders into situations that have no possibility for success.  We have officers (adult leaders) who are present at all events and are always available for our youth to come to with problems or for advice and ensure that none of our youth are ever put in unsafe situations.  Most of our officers were in Sea Scouts as youth members, many are former Intrepid crew members, and found the program so valuable that they continue to come back to help the program continue.  We also have a group of junior officers who have graduated from our program and are now over 18 but are still under 21 who continue with the program when not at their respective colleges as they transition from crew to officers.